A perfect cottage vacation includes sauna, sitting by the fire, swimming in the lake (also in winter), camping in the forest, observing nature, picking berries, boating and fishing. All of this and much more at Mieko Resort.


On hills and by the lakes

The longest marked hiking trail in the area is the Miekojärvi–Vietonen trail (23 km) which runs through beautiful hills. From Raakonvaara, stunning landscapes open over Lake Miekojärvi, and below it lies the most popular destination of Miekojärvi, the sandy beach of Orhinselänniemi. Give your feet a rest on this lovely spot! Three nature trails and a hiking trail run in the Miekojärvi area. The Sompanen nature trail (5 km) along the Miekojärvi-Vietonen route takes you to an old spruce grove at the top of Sompasenvaara. Along the route you’ll also learn about traditional game hunting methods such as bear traps. The Eeronpolku (1.6 km) goes around Pallistajanvaara, the scenery of which you can also see from the observation tower. Jaipaljuka's nature trail (4 km) is the choice of forest lovers. It boasts old-growth trees that have survived for hundreds of years, as well as lush groves. Vaarasaari's hiking trail (6 km) introduces you to the island's forested and swampy nature. In summer, sheep graze on the island.

Bird watching

Spot the mandarin duck and osprey
Miekojärvi is a bird lake with nesters such as the Arctic loons, swans, red-breasted merganser and common sandpipers, and some ospreys. Even the mandarin duck was spotted in 2015.

Paddling, sailing, rowing or motorboating

On Miekojärvi’s wide open waters

Boat trips on Lake Miekojärvi can stretch for days – you can even paddle all the way to the Torne River. Lake Miekojärvi has several launching points, piers and ports. Lean-tos and other services have been placed specifically for boaters,
and the most important sights can also be seen on the water. The cottage equipment includes a rowing boat and a canoe. A boating map of Lake Miekojärvi is available.

Biking and hiking

On the nature trails

The national cycling route No. 83 runs through the area which also takes you to the scenic hiking trail of Pieksänjupukka. Running on the east side of Lake Miekojärvi and south of Sompasenvaara, there is a local cycling route taking you also to the Sompanen nature trail.


On Lake Miekojärvi – a sure catch
Lake Miekojärvi is famous for its vendace and the only wild pike perch in Northern Europe. You’ll also catch, e.g. trout, burbot and smelt - a total of almost 20 fish species. Lake Miekojärvi is one of the best fishing lakes in Finland. It’s is suitable for fly fishing, net fishing, trolling, lure fishing as well as ice fishing and good old angling. Miekojärvi Resort organises guided fishing trips all year round and salmon trips to the Torne River. At the cottage you’ll find ice fishing and angling rods.

Snowmobile riding

And skiing
An extensive network of snowmobile routes run via Lake Miekojärvi
and between Rovaniemi, Pello and Ylitornio. Miekojärvi Resort is located right by the snowmobile routes. You can ride a new route every day. We’ll provide the snowmobiles and needed equipment and guides. There are no ski tracks in the area, but you can make your own in the forest or enjoy skiing on the ice of the lake.


On natural sandy beaches
There are dozens of naturally formed sandy beaches by Lake Miekojärvi. The largest is Orhinselänniemi. On the eastern shore of Lake Miekojärvi, you can find the easily accessible Alinen Venäläisenhieta.

Berry and mushroom picking and hunting

Small game hunting permits
for purchase for two areas

Take your pick from blueberries, lingonberries, black crowberries and mushrooms. Forest berries are available to all to pick, and in the garden of your cottage you can pick and eat berries from our own bushes! Residents from outside the municipality can buy small game hunting permits on state land for two areas: the Pello permit area 2606 and Ylitornio permit area 2609.

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Northern Lights 200 days a year

IIn winter, you can watch the northern lights from the Mieko Resort's windows or terrace. When the lake is not frozen the reflection of the northern lights glows beautifully on the water. The villa's yard lights are designed to allow the northern lights take the main stage.



Choose a great adventure in our online shop. Take a guided tour with one of our partners – from fishing on and off ice to husky and reindeer rides.



Mieko Resort has a fully equipped kitchen and a 40-person hut in the yard providing you versatile cooking possibilities. Make the most of our grocery delivery service or enjoy meals by our catering and chef service.


Just ask us, if you need transport or a place for a motorhome/caravan. We also rent out hobby equipment e.g. for skiing, cycling, fishing and hiking.

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